Grande remise

A little history...

The “Grande Remise” is an old expression. The story dates back to the time when the Louvre was still a castle, and the Rue de Rivoli a narrow and muddy street. The coach drivers who worked for the King and his court waited around the Rue de Rivoli and the Louvre, which created congestion in the traffic.

To solve these traffic problems, it was decided that the chauffeurs would wait in dedicated buildings called “Remise”. The coaches of the most important aristocracy and lords were stationed in the “Grande Remise”, whilst the rest were stationed in the “Petite Remise” further away. This name has followed this profession until today, as has the image of quality, reputation, and provision of exclusive services.

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A Premium Service

Via Cuny gives you luxury with an exclusive service. Out objective is your complete satisfaction. You will therefore have at your entire disposal a luxury car with chauffeur.

We Propose

  • Transport for airports and train stations.
  • Availability of car with chauffeur: Full or half day.
  • International transport: Switzerland, Italy etc.
  • Transport vers de grands hôtels, restaurants...
  • Ski resort transfers.
  • Tailored trips (vineyards, guided visits).
  • V.I.P. Transport

Your chauffeur

Your day will be more enjoyable by entrusting part of your schedule to your driver, such as booking a restaurant, a hotel, a concert, or even a play. Acting as both your secretary and your butler. During your meeting, you can count on him with some purchases or shopping.

Our drivers will ensure a quality, tailored service through their discretion, their punctuality, and elegance.

Impeccable Service

At your request, we can provide a chauffeur who speaks French, English, or Spanish...
If you desire, he is able to give advise on the best restaurants and hotels in the region whilst also acting as tour guide for you to discover our wonderful region, the Rhone-Alpes.

Grande remise
Grande remise